Gingerhead offers (and gets) the benefits of real flexible working

Companies often offer flexible working, but if it is ever taken you are left feeling guilty or mistrusted. When you are working from home people seem to imagine pyjamas, biscuits and Netflix.  When in fact, the opposite is true.

Trapping your creatives in a rowdy open-plan office with bored, clock-watching co-workers is like taking the wings off your aeroplane. In my old jobs I would often end up taking my work home with me in order to do it in the evening. This would eat into family time, and leave me tired and less effective next day.

Now I am a Gingerhead I can work from home. I can fit my work and my family life together in a way that really works for both. I am much more productive, and much happier. I often end up doing more hours, but they are all my best work.

Being part of a small company can sometimes be nerve-racking, but it’s fast-moving, exciting and very rewarding – the skeleton bobsleigh of the business world. We each know our role, everyone does the best work they can, and we all know that there is no dead weight in the team. 

So many workers are trapped in a cubicle until 5:30pm, irrespective of work demands, hanging around the water-cooler in the hope of diversion, or internet shopping on the sly. At Gingerhead, no one is paid to warm a seat. We all have our work, and we do it well. And then we stop, and have our lives outside work. 

I never wake up on a Monday morning with “work dread”. I am so grateful that I became a Gingerhead; I love watching this company grow in knowledge and strength every day.

The sense of trust and true flexibility is worth its weight in gold. We love our jobs and do what it takes to deliver for clients. Every time.

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