Remember why you started…

I always knew that I wanted to run my own business. I never expected it to be like this.

I’ve been lucky to know many professional, clever, talented and high-performing women in my career. I have also witnessed a number of them passed over for promotion or dismissed in some way after they had children.

While on maternity leave, I had a moment to reflect on my career. I was incredibly driven, ambitious, loyal, and worked whatever hours I needed to get the job done. But I had no idea how to work, be successful, and be a good mother.

How do we have it all?

Then my lovely eldest daughter was born, and she became my muse. I set up my business to show my daughter that with hard work, talent, the right attitude, and the right people around you, you can achieve amazing things. My little gingerhead has taught me so many things since, but one of them is that while work matters, life matters more.

I am a mother first. And then I am a gingerhead.